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Car Insurance Rate Grapevine Texas

Like in many parts of Texas, road construction in and around Grapevine seems to be never ending. But what’s the problem with all of the construction (besides increased time it takes to get anywhere) and what does it have to do with auto insurance rates?

Several years ago, the DFW Connector project began in Grapevine as a project to connect and help the various heavily congested highways flow smoothly. This project, surprisingly moved relatively quickly due to adequate resources, and while the main part of the construction was done in a timely manner, improvements are still being made to this day.

In addition to the temporary slowing of traffic in the construction zone…it’s also the fact that construction zones that are constantly changing. There is no chance for familiarity to develop around the routes because the traffic flow changes constantly. When traffic flow is always changing, the chances of auto accidents increases. Then you throw in drivers that are unfamiliar with the area in the first place – a recipe for disaster!

It’s not just the construction though. New technology available in cars makes the costs of repairs increase with every year. Just a small fender bender now results in the need to replace or readjust sensors in addition to the regular physical repair of the car’s body.

In the Grapevine area, cars tend to be of a higher value than other areas in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. That means the chances of you being involved in an accident with a high valued car is greater as you drive through Grapevine and it’s neighboring cities. Higher value cars means higher costs to repair.

With all of this to consider, it’s no wonder that auto Insurance rates have been on the rise lately. Not just auto insurance rates in Grapevine, but all around the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex…and around the country. Despite the increasing rates, you don’t have to settle! Speak with one of our local insurance agents at Neighbor’s Choice Insurance to make sure you are getting the best value for your car insurance.

Our auto insurance agents in Grapevine are well-educated on the needs of drivers in Grapevine. We live, play, and work here in Grapevine and have for many years. Our advantage as an auto insurance broker in Grapevine is that we have access to many reputable and excellent insurance companies. We learn about your situation, then shop car insurance companies for you, providing you with one point of contact for multiple car insurance quotes as well as the assurance that you are getting a great value for your car insurance coverage in Grapevine.

Not only do we search multiple auto insurance companies for the best auto insurance quotes in Grapevine, our auto insurance companies have local, high quality preferred repair shops that get you back on the road quickly.

As an added bonus, when you bundle your home and auto insurance with the same insurance company, as we often do with our clients at Neighbor’s Choice Insurance Agency, you could save even more! We look at all of the options for you and present them in a way that is easy to understand. You’ll be confident you made the right choice when you work with our insurance agency!

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Wendy Caplinger

Wendy Caplinger is owner and insurance agent at Neighbor’s Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. She has held her Property and Casualty Insurance License in Texas since 2008. She received her BBA in Finance from The University of North Texas and has 15 years of experience in the insurance and financial industries. Her interest and knowledge in insurance and finance, as well as her ability to see often unnoticed risk has allowed her to drive efficiency and growth within Neighbor’s Choice Insurance.



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